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Will-Based Planning

Wills are legal documents that govern the transfer of property at death. A "will-based" estate plan can meet the needs of individuals or couples with relatively modest and uncomplicated estates while also including any important provisions to appoint a guardian for minor children.

The Reynolds Law Group includes the following legal documents in your Will-Based Estate Plan Package:

  • Last Will and Testament – specifies the distribution of property and other special provisions.
  • General Business (Durable) Power of Attorney – enables an individual or entity to act as your agent in all of your business and personal affairs or legal proceedings.
  • Advance Medical Directive (Living Will) – provides guidelines for end-of-life medical care and procedures.
  • Medical Power of Attorney – designates an individual to make decisions regarding your medical care in the event of your incapacity in keeping with any wishes you have expressed in your living will.
  • HIPPA Authorization – authorizes your medical providers to release medical information and records to specific individuals you designate.
  • Memorandum of Tangible Personal Property – specifies the transfer of specific items of tangible personal property to your beneficiaries.
  • Memorial Instructions – prepared based on your desires.

Please contact us to learn more about having The Reynolds Law Group prepare your will-based estate plan.